Individual Coaching


Playtri Coaching is powered by TrainingPeaks

Wendy has been working one-on-one with athletes all over the country and world to help them achieve their goals for over 20 years. Individual coaching is best for athletes who:

  • Need a more flexible training schedule

  • Have aggressive/time-limited goals

  • Want to move from completing to competing

  • Prefer/require a more individualized approach

  • Wish to train for Ironman

Individually coached athletes are encouraged to train and race with heart rate as a part of Playtri's load-based training program. Pricing for individual coaching includes a $295 PlayTri Club registration fee in addition to the $150/month fee. This provides:

  • All PlayTri Club Benefits, including team kit

  • Personalized training plan, frequency, duration, and intensity) specific to their experience, time available to train and goals

  • Training updated about every two weeks based on the athletes feedback

  • Premium training peaks account.

  • Daily training log feedback

  • Updates to plan when life gets in the way

  • Swim and Run analysis via video when needed

  • Accountability and support

Please inquire at the store for more information or email